International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry  (English Edition)



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Issue 1/2011     11. Feb. 2011
11. Feb. 2011
Pages: 7 - 102

Page 7, PubMed:21403923
Editorial: The Clinical Impact Factor
Devigus, Alessandro
no abstract available fulltext (pdf)
Page 50-74, PubMed:21403927
Smile Esthetics: a Methodology for Success in a Complex Case
Paris, Jean-Christophe / Ortet, Stéphanie / Larmy, Annick / Brouillet, Jean-Louis / Faucher, André-Jean
Page 88-93, PubMed:21403929
The Distances Between the Facial and Palatal Papillae in the Maxillary Anterior Dentition
Nozawa, Takeshi / Yamaguchi, Satoshi / Ookame, Yasuhisa / Shimada, Koichi / Tanaka, Koji / Ito, Koichi
Page 94-102, PubMed:21403930
Allocation of Color Space for Different Age Groups Using Three-Dimensional Shade Guide Systems
Haddad, Helene J / Salameh, Ziad / Sadig, Walid / Aboushelib, Moustafa / Jakstat, Holger A.