International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry  (English Edition)



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Issue 3/2011     15. Aug. 2011
15. Aug. 2011
Pages: 267 - 356

Page 267, PubMed:21876863
Editorial: Symmetry in Esthetic Dentistry
Devigus, Alessandro
no abstract available fulltext (pdf)
Page 298-313, PubMed:21876866
Esthetic Rehabilitation of Worn Anterior Teeth with Thin Porcelain Laminate Veneers
Gresnigt, Marco / Özcan, Mutlu / Kalk, Warner
Page 314-327, PubMed:21876867
Is the Smile Line a Valid Parameter for Esthetic Evaluation? A Systematic Literature Review
Passia, Nicole / Blatz, Markus / Strub, Jörg Rudolf
Page 342-356, PubMed:21876869
Durability of Bleaching Results Achieved with 15% Carbamide Peroxide and 38% Hydrogen Peroxide in Vitro
Knösel, Michael / Reus, Monika / Rosenberger, Albert / Attin, Thomas / Ziebolz, Dirk