International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry  (English Edition)



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Ausgabe 1/2016     3. Feb. 2016
3. Feb. 2016
Seiten: 13 - 137

Seite 13, PubMed:26835521, Sprache: Englisch
Editorial: "Many roads lead to Rome"
Devigus, Alessandro
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Seite 16-35, PubMed:26835522, Sprache: Englisch
Esthetic rehabilitation of a worn dentition with a minimally invasive prosthetic procedure (MIPP)
Fradeani, Mauro / Barducci, Giancarlo / Bacherini, Leonardo
Seite 58-81, PubMed:26835524, Sprache: Englisch
The Simultaneous Modeling Technique: closing gaps in posteriors
Scolavino, Salvatore / Paolone, Gaetano / Orsini, Giovanna / Devoto, Walter / Putignano, Angelo
Seite 82-97, PubMed:26835525, Sprache: Englisch
Fatigue resistance and crack propensity of novel "super-closed" sandwich composite resin restorations in large MOD defects
Magne, Pascal / Silva, Silvana / Andrada, Mauro de / Maia, Hamilton
Seite 98-109, PubMed:26835526, Sprache: Englisch
The Octagon Model: a clinical tool for assessing marginal tissue recession
Atieh, Momen A. / Leichter, Jonathan
Seite 110-124, PubMed:26835527, Sprache: Englisch
Evaluation of reliability and validity of three dental color-matching devices
Tsiliagkou, Aikaterini / Diamantopoulou, Sofia / Papazoglou, Efstratios / Kakaboura, Afrodite
Seite 126-137, PubMed:26835528, Sprache: Englisch
Influence of personality on tooth shade selection
Haralur, Satheesh B. / Al-Shehri, Khalid Saleh / Assiri, Hassan Mohammed / Al-Qahtani, Mushabab AbdulRahman