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Int J Esthet Dent 12 (2017), No. 4     19. Oct. 2017
Int J Esthet Dent 6 (2011), No. 3  (15.08.2011)

Page 342-356, PubMed:21876869

Durability of Bleaching Results Achieved with 15% Carbamide Peroxide and 38% Hydrogen Peroxide in Vitro
Knösel, Michael / Reus, Monika / Rosenberger, Albert / Attin, Thomas / Ziebolz, Dirk
The aim of this study was to assess the durability of bleaching results achieved with (1) 15% carbamide peroxide home bleaching and (2) 38% hydrogen peroxide in-offi ce bleaching. A total of 231 extracted anterior teeth were randomly divided into three groups (n = 77 in each group) with comparable mean baseline L*-values (68.24 ± 0.8): a non-bleached control group A, a 15% carbamide peroxide group B (5 bleaching intervals of 8 hours), and a 38% hydrogen peroxide group C (3 intervals of 15 minutes). Durability of bleaching was assessed by comparing CIE-L*a*b* data after intervals of 2, 4, 12, and 26 weeks from baseline. Both bleaching regimes initially produced a highly signifi cant increase in lightness parameter L*, with no signifi - cant difference between the respective bleaching regimes (B: 68.23 / 72.48; C: 68.32 / 73.25). Six months after starting the trial, L*-values for group B yielded no signifi cant differences compared to baseline (69.55), whereas L*-values for group C were still signifi cantly raised (69.91), despite a highly signifi cant decrease when compared to initial bleaching results. In both treatment groups, there was a lasting response to bleaching in terms of CIE-a* and -b* value decreases.
Results for both home- and in-practice regimes were found to be similar for about 12 weeks. However, in-offi ce results were longer lasting, despite the shorter treatment intervals. Summarized bleaching effects, in terms of delta E values, revealed no signifi cant differences between treatment groups and the control group after 6 months, indicating an abatement of the bleaching results achieved.
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