International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry  (English Edition)



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Int J Esthet Dent 6 (2011), Nr. 4     1. Dez. 2011
Int J Esthet Dent 6 (2011), Nr. 4  (01.12.2011)

Seite 436-445, PubMed:22238726, Sprache: Englisch

Efficacy and Persistence of Tooth Bleaching Using a Diode Laser with Three Different Treatment Regimens
Al Quran, Firas AM / Mansour, Yasar / Al-Hyari, Sabaa / Al Wahadni, Ahed / Mair, Lawrence
Statement of problem: Studies have measured the effectiveness of tooth bleaching, however there are very few studies that have measured the persistence in color change after a 6-month follow-up.
Purpose: This study assessed the efficacy of the laser bleaching process using different regimens, and the persistence of color change over a 6-month period.
Method and materials: Sixty patients divided into three equal groups were subjected to bleaching using a diode laser with 34% hydrogen peroxide. Group 1: patients subjected to one session of laser bleaching. Group 2: patients subjected to two sessions of laser bleaching with a 1-week interval. Group 3: the same as Group 2 but followed by home bleaching once a month for 3 months. The color was assessed four times: before bleaching, directly after bleaching, 3 months after bleaching, and 6 months after bleaching. Results: All teeth had a significant color change at 6 months, but all teeth had regressed from the maximum value. There was significantly less regression in color for Group 3, followed by Groups 2 and 1, respectively.
Conclusion: The combined technique of in-office laser bleaching for two sessions with a 1-week interval, followed by home bleaching once a month for 3 months gave more persistence in color change.
Clinical significance: In-office power bleaching using a laser assisted hydrogen peroxide system repeated after a week, combined with home bleaching once a month for 3 months, is an effective bleaching regimen with less color regression after 6 months compared to a regimen of in-office bleaching alone.
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