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International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry  (English Edition)



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Int J Esthet Dent 9 (2014), Nr. 2     22. Apr. 2014
Int J Esthet Dent 9 (2014), Nr. 2  (22.04.2014)

Seite 206-222, PubMed:24765627, Sprache: Englisch

Extreme masking: achieving predictable outcomes in challenging situations with lithium disilicate bonded restorations
Hatai, Yugo
In contemporary dentistry, we have a vast range of materials to choose from, and metal free restorations have become the premier materials for achieving the ultimate in both esthetics and durability. Metal-free restorations are utilized with more conservative preparations to preserve the vital natural dentition, and have proven to be superior alternatives to traditional porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) restorations in many cases. There are always "pros and cons" when selecting materials, and to make the best choice it is essential for dental professionals to plan precisely and understand their options in any clinical situation.
Selecting suitable materials and techniques involves consideration of the following factors: „„
- Esthetic zone.
- „„Required strength based on the patient's occlusion/dental habits.
- „„Preparation reduction. „„
- Position of the margin.
- „„Type of restoration/preparation. „„
- The treating clinician's philosophy. „„
- Stump shade. „„Final shade.

One of the most significant challenges in the metal-free dentistry is the reproduction of natural dentition without the influence of a "negative stump" - a very dark or metal core showing through the final restorations. There are many factors to be considered when working on such a case, and controlling the opacity of the coping and crown is the key to success. This article presents a unique "outside of the box" technique that provides consistent, predictable and durable restorations, which provide the best possible esthetic outcome.
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