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International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry  (English Edition)



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Int J Esthet Dent 2 (2007), Nr. 2     25. Juli 2007
Int J Esthet Dent 2 (2007), Nr. 2  (25.07.2007)

Seite 188-209, PubMed:19655565, Sprache: Englisch

Clinical Approach to Anterior Adhesive Restorations Using Resin Composite Veneers
Mangani, Francesco/ Cerutti, Antonio/ Putignano, Angelo/ Bollero, Raffaele/ Madini, Lorenzo
Scientific progress in adhesive dentistry has led to more conservative techniques, both direct and indirect, to solve esthetic problems in anterior teeth. This article will discuss only indirect techniques, which are clearly superior in complex cases in which it will be difficult to recreate harmonious tooth shape and color. After reviewing the literature and highlighting the properties of this technique, the indications and benefits compared to the direct technique will be assessed. This is followed by a step-bystep description of operative procedures, from treatment planning to relining and polishing of the cemented adhesive restoration. The long-term success of veneers depends mainly on the tooth preparation, which should be confined to enamel, involve proximal contact areas, maintain the cervical enamel margin, and incorporate the incisal edge to increase veneer resistance and enable correct placement. Although no clinical follow-up similar to that of ceramic materials is available, the latestgeneration resin composites offer interesting features. They can withstand mechanical stress, have excellent esthetic properties, and, most importantly, can be repaired intraorally without impairing their physicochemical and mechanical properties.
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