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International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry  (English Edition)



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Int J Esthet Dent 9 (2014), Nr. 3     1. Aug. 2014
Int J Esthet Dent 9 (2014), Nr. 3  (01.08.2014)

Seite 436-445, PubMed:25126622, Sprache: Englisch

The timing and operational management of the variables of bleaching in cases of rehabilitation in the esthetic field
Sibilla, Pietro / Cogo, Enrico / Turrini, Roberto / Calura, Giorgio / Fradeani, Mauro
Managing esthetic restoration in the presence of discolored teeth is a challenge for both the clinical team and clinician, whose aim is to use methods that are as minimally invasive as possible, and materials that allow the preservation of dental tissue. Should one wish to act on the discoloration of teeth that are to be restored, or on adjacent ones, it becomes essential to take action on dental tissues. This is done through bleaching and dental restoration, using materials that allow various clinical situations to be managed, such as those with different tonalities between the teeth: prosthetic materials that offer adequate uniformity in their results in those areas where it is necessary to mask the discoloration. The use of technology such as bleaching, and ceramic materials simultaneously can achieve excellent cosmetic results. This article explains how to integrate bleaching compared to prosthetic treatment, in terms of time, in the various cases of discoloration, and what factors to consider when choosing the timing.
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