International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry  (English Edition)



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Issue 1/2017     1. Feb. 2017
1. Feb. 2017
Pages: 11 - 114

Page 11-12, PubMed:28117851
Facts and Fashion in dental esthetics
Tripodakis, Aris Petros D.
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Page 28-40, PubMed:28117853
Soft and hard tissue management in the treatment of a discolored single tooth in the esthetic zone
Garcia-Baeza, David / Garcia-Adamez, Ramon / Saavedra, Carlos
Page 60-71, PubMed:28117855
Marginal sealing of a porcelain laminate veneer luted with three different resin cements on fluorosed teeth
Shafiei, Fereshteh / Memarpour, Mahtab / Jowkar, Zahra
Page 96-106, PubMed:28117858
Tooth bleaching effects on the adhesive interface of composite restorations
Silva, Lorena / Thedei Jr, Geraldo / Menezes-Oliveira, Maria Angélica / Nogueira, Ruchele D. / Geraldo-Martins, Vinicius
Page 108-114, PubMed:28117859
Lip Lifting: Unveiling Dental Beauty
Stanley, Kyle / Caligiuri, Matthew / Schlichting, Luís Henrique / Bazos, Panaghiotis K. / Magne, Michel