International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry  (English Edition)



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Issue 3/2017     4. Aug. 2017
4. Aug. 2017
Pages: 303 - 404

Page 303-304, PubMed:28717789
Editorial: EAED photo contest
Devigus, Alessandro
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Page 306-323, PubMed:28717790
Soft and hard tissue response to an implant with a convergent collar in the esthetic area: preliminary report at 18 months
Canullo, Luigi / Tallarico, Marco / Pradies, Guillermo / Marinotti, Fabio / Loi, Ignazio / Cocchetto, Roberto
Page 324-335, PubMed:28717791
Residual root preparation for socket-shield procedures: a facial window approach
Roe, Phillip / Kan, Joseph Y. K. / Rungcharassaeng, Kitichai
Page 336-351, PubMed:28717792
Accelerated fatigue resistance of novel-design histoanatomic implant restorations made of CAD/CAM bilaminar assemblies
Molina, Ivan / Goldberg, Jack / Volpato, Claudia Maziero / Magne, Pascal
Page 378-395, PubMed:28717794
The influence of maxillary incisor torque on the esthetic perception of the smile
Giron de Velasco, Javier / de la Cuadra, Pablo / Urizar, Gorka
Page 396-404, PubMed:28717795
Comparison of visual shade matching and electronic color measurement device
Lehmann, Karl / Devigus, Alessandro / Wentaschek, Stefan / Igiel, Christopher / Scheller, Herbert / Paravina, Rade