International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry  (English Edition)



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Issue 1/2018     12. Feb. 2018
12. Feb. 2018
Pages: 11 - 119

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Page 13-14, PubMed:29379901
EAED patient examination recommendations for interdisciplinary treatment planning
Gracis, Stefano / Rasperini, Giulio / Paul, Stefan
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Page 16-48, PubMed:29379902
Conservative restoration of the worn dentition - the anatomically driven direct approach (ADA)
Negrão, Rui / Cardoso, Jorge André / de Oliveira, Nuno Braz / Almeida, Paulo Julio / Taveira, Teresa / Blashkiv, Oleg
Page 66-85, PubMed:29379904
Complete denture fabrication with CAD/CAM technology: a case report
Contrepois, Mathieu / Sireix, Christophe / Soenen, Arnaud / Pia, Jean-Philippe / Lasserre, Jean-François
Page 86-97, PubMed:29379905
Preheated composite resin used as a luting agent for indirect restorations: effects on bond strength and resin-dentin interfaces
Goulart, Marcelo / Borges Veleda, Barbara / Damin, Deisi / Bovi Ambrosano, Glaucia Maria / Coelho de Souza, Fabio Herrmann / Erhardt, Maria Carolina Guilherme
Page 98-109, PubMed:29379906
Color match of luting composites and try-in pastes: the impact on the final color of CAD/CAM lithium disilicate restorations
Mourouzis, Petros / Koulaouzidou, Elisabeth / Palaghias, Georgios / Helvatjoglu-Antoniades, Maria
Page 110-119, PubMed:29379907
Effects of ceramic layer thickness, cement color, and abutment tooth color on color reproduction of feldspathic veneers
Igiel, Christopher / Weyhrauch, Michael / Mayer, Barbara / Scheller, Herbert / Lehmann, Karl Martin